Godzilla 346H
Godzilla 346H 2 hours ago
So creepy
Ant 2 hours ago
Baby with an earing will have lobes down to her feet by 35.
euan aird
euan aird 2 hours ago
Brilliant, lol.
Yildiran Hüseyin
Yildiran Hüseyin 2 hours ago
Carmen Gloria Muga Astudillo
Carmen Gloria Muga Astudillo 2 hours ago
Cómo tan poca visión? DÓNDE están los AMBIENTALISTAS del mundo? REFORESTAR REFORESTAR REFORESTAR árboles nativos para que VUELVA el ciclo de vida. Los árboles regulan la temperatura en la corteza TERRESTRE . Por nuestros ANIMALES Flora y fauna . PRIORIDAD para todos los países del mundo. No existiría el cambio climático. No existiría el calentamiento global.
James Tompkins
James Tompkins 2 hours ago
Looks like my bowels after I eat at taco loco in Cleburne TX!!!
Cornelius Hal.
Cornelius Hal. 2 hours ago
Ah yes, that’s a normal quantity of eggs.
Emergen Site
Emergen Site 3 hours ago
Geez, It's like trying to brush the predator's fangs
Chris Mounie
Chris Mounie 3 hours ago
It’s legal to drive through them. Plus it worth 20 points
Cinzia Vidali
Cinzia Vidali 3 hours ago
Yes, the look on the deer's face was really astonished
Banana buttons
Banana buttons 3 hours ago
It’s a potoo. Huge eyes and they close them and try to look like a log so they blend in.
Elyse 3 hours ago
Does anyone know if this guy has other videos or social media? This is cool as hell
Tasty 3 hours ago
Funny how he had a mate pretending to be a witness ☠️
Fàbio Roberto
Fàbio Roberto 3 hours ago
Queria muito q o ser humano fizesse o mesmo dessa mamãe ursa,sensacional 🐻😍🇧🇷
المغامرات والتجارب والتعلم
المغامرات والتجارب والتعلم 3 hours ago
MyPlayStationBackUpChannel 3 hours ago
Western gull
Marci Robins
Marci Robins 3 hours ago
I bet he thinks he’s barking!
Ak othman shah Pg Mohd Yussuf
Ak othman shah Pg Mohd Yussuf 3 hours ago
Remember MYO ❤️
Yunus M
Yunus M 3 hours ago
She's so cute. And she's dreaming of cake :D
RNG Vigor
RNG Vigor 3 hours ago
How much he get paid
David Arnold
David Arnold 3 hours ago
He was waiting for you to crack the shells for him!
GLORIA MORENO 3 hours ago
Jajajajs buen video
ScarlettCrystal2009 3 hours ago
*gets a stupid, happy look on face* *starts squealing over how cute this kid is*
Michael O'Donnell
Michael O'Donnell 3 hours ago
Guess what? If you play in the get run over.
Bluu Bandette
Bluu Bandette 3 hours ago
"Ask me to use my tail as weave again!"
GalacticSharpShQQter 3 hours ago
It’s not going backwards, it’s travelling backwards through time, so it’s reversed. It’s really travelling forwards from the future to the past. This also came up in my recommendations after watching Tenet
Grillfetisch 3 hours ago
This is one of the most funniest videos if ever seen
Miguel Melchior
Miguel Melchior 3 hours ago
And thats why England is the country that consumes the highest ammount of antidepressants in Europe 😄
ABO SLEAM 3 hours ago
This staff from dogs is very dingers all time angry
Sebastian Zimmerle
Sebastian Zimmerle 3 hours ago
As a GTA player, this title already gave me anxiety
Aaron Hermann
Aaron Hermann 3 hours ago
Bold Counsel
Bold Counsel 4 hours ago
Tracynicole5181 4 hours ago
The Force is strong with this on!
RANDY S MITCHELL 4 hours ago
Talk about having an air conditioned court-side seat. Interesting they had foam on the fire truck. Good Catch - thanks.
Christof Rodmurd
Christof Rodmurd 4 hours ago
I think it's time we give Karens a surname
Teena Millar
Teena Millar 4 hours ago
I'm loving the head movements
Teena Millar
Teena Millar 4 hours ago
He or she, is very sweet, and sexy!!!😃
b! 4 hours ago
this is so eerie 😣
ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs
ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs 4 hours ago
Everyone looks so fresh. That's nice. :)
Lamster 66
Lamster 66 4 hours ago
No worries its russia so just take the car to Arthur Tussik!
Mr.railfan 4014
Mr.railfan 4014 4 hours ago
Hope they had a spare key to the reverser
T.S. Butler
T.S. Butler 4 hours ago
not good pets. they belong with each other. find a primate rescue league with your government. that baby is sweetness.
4 hours ago
TREMENDO !!!!!! cuando levanto ???? Yo no me levanto ni de la cama .... Saludos desde Argentina.
Aidan Dixon
Aidan Dixon 4 hours ago
Don't you blossom with the possum!
AdamBC 4 hours ago
I mean... bears gotta eat 🥸
King Koopa
King Koopa 4 hours ago
I don’t understand why people are complaining about the fact the camera is rotating. This is literally what the title of the video says, it’s showing how the earth rotates relative to the night sky, not the night sky relative to the earth’s rotation.
Gill May
Gill May 5 hours ago
Cop needs firing, and put in to mandatory mental health Counselling.
Justin 5 hours ago
Bro That Sounds so scary
Harlod Shekelbond
Harlod Shekelbond 5 hours ago
Fake cgi
Fresh Bits
Fresh Bits 5 hours ago
doesn't look like a sunny day to me
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 5 hours ago
At this point let him or her sleep not affective if your dog can't do his job
Baig Irfan
Baig Irfan 5 hours ago
Very good
Yakumo Tatsuro
Yakumo Tatsuro 5 hours ago
you watched this more than once
Pierro Jules
Pierro Jules 5 hours ago
Are you sure that there is no Ecstacy in those snacks?
hockeymann88 5 hours ago
Look at the heavy and content eyes on that beast. There are times I have known EXACTLY how that feels. Daughters.
Mystique Prince
Mystique Prince 5 hours ago
Jeff Silverberg
Jeff Silverberg 5 hours ago
LOL I hope that little girl never gets mad for real.
Shotis Otis
Shotis Otis 5 hours ago
Why is the grey Miata doing an ahegao face
Ethala 5 hours ago
That girl had NO IDEA how spectacularly dangerous that thing is.
tessamersus 5 hours ago
To all of you who have never been in an earthquake, stop judging this man! Having gone through THREE earthquakes myself when I was living in Japan, I can tell you that it scares and utterly disorients you. You don't know where to run or to stand somewhere, but you are 100 percent scared! You have to just wait it out and hope the floor goes back to normal before another one hits. It is incredibly scary and your brain just goes dumb for a moment. This man did _exactly_ what a good dad would do to protect his babies! HIs protective side kicked in and he did a great job! Give him the kudos he deserves!
Its_cf playz Cv
Its_cf playz Cv 5 hours ago
Kathleen Hartnell Harper
Kathleen Hartnell Harper 5 hours ago
Wow, that’s amazing!
moe 5 hours ago
I love him!
Kathleen Hartnell Harper
Kathleen Hartnell Harper 5 hours ago
The mother must have just died.
Aarón Mariscal
Aarón Mariscal 5 hours ago
I would 1000000000% do the same thing if I had a truck.
GoodBye MacGyver
GoodBye MacGyver 5 hours ago
I will NEVER look at boxing the same
Janet Partyka
Janet Partyka 5 hours ago
Where is the sound?
Summer 5 hours ago
I’d have grabbed his glasses and broken them in half and started screaming NOW YOU CANT SEE! NOW YOU CANT SEE! 🤣🤣😆😆
Tallulah3276 5 hours ago
I struggle with depression n and intrusive thoughts n watching these kinda videos should be used as therapy. They’re fascinating n take you outta your bad headspace.
Leonor Rivera
Leonor Rivera 6 hours ago
The squirrel's battery needs to be replaced with an Energizer triple A
Goji 6 hours ago
Yo why he put his arms up like that my mans was praying
redrobiin 6 hours ago
Stand back woman, the men will take over here dam it
FLAME1225 B 6 hours ago
Is there a Instagram for the cat? I wanna see the cat eat more weird things
falcon x
falcon x 6 hours ago
Strong in the force he is!!
bigbotno1 6 hours ago
Yeah let's just sit here and watch and do nothing instead of calling for help. :-S
Taxfoo 6 hours ago
daily dose of internet
bigbotno1 6 hours ago
Good thing they have bars in front of the window.
Olivier 6 hours ago
Kangaroo: wtf... look what I got myself into... uh uh what's gonna happen now? Should I run? No... let me get the f out of here.