Jonny ReLLo
Jonny ReLLo 2 hours ago
Oh goodness, I hope his bumper isn't scuffed.
Carl Leitchman
Carl Leitchman 2 hours ago
Haha.... yo buddy left u
Oreo Eats
Oreo Eats 2 hours ago
I fucken love this! 💀🤣
nitroxide91 2 hours ago
Double tap... bam bam
John R. Gay
John R. Gay 2 hours ago
Stunned and not sure if I could respond like she ..
Angerlean Hammond
Angerlean Hammond 2 hours ago
I love this i have been watching it over and over. He's so cute and he wants to stay outside
Eugenio Jadraque
Eugenio Jadraque 2 hours ago
Couples who steal together, stays together
Angerlean Hammond
Angerlean Hammond 2 hours ago
My dog is the same way. She wants to go out and then she doesn't want to come back in. She is a German shepherd Rottweiler mix
sethGG 2 hours ago
they don't know the range of the camera and assume it is a smaller area than it is, it's an easier mistake to make than you might think
Roley Chiu
Roley Chiu 2 hours ago
These beavers need amazon prime
MattIsLoling 2 hours ago
damn kid lost a few IQ points with that one
Tejas Bhagat
Tejas Bhagat 2 hours ago
Those ants are huge.. so big
Some One
Some One 2 hours ago
Over the past serveral years kangaroos have known how to deal with dogs especially dingos or what ever they're called. The kangaroo actually chokes or drowns the dingo if it tries to attack.
George M
George M 2 hours ago
some friends u got leaving u behind
PG SKATING 2 hours ago
There's god for ya
Mangel85 1
Mangel85 1 2 hours ago
🤣 that’s what she gets!!!!
P K 2 hours ago
Solid get away driver 😂😂😂😂
Joel sebastian Torrelio
Joel sebastian Torrelio 2 hours ago
santo dios 😲😲😲eso no lo hace ningun otro auto
Bingo 2 hours ago
This video from the channel Luna the pantera
YTcooldude3556LOL 2 hours ago
Somebody make a sugar crash edit
Amit Choudhary
Amit Choudhary 3 hours ago
Daughters are the Real Blessings... !!! ROFL... 😂😂
Keigan Comeau
Keigan Comeau 3 hours ago
You know I thought I had an any problem but these wasps may have it worse
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 3 hours ago
These thieves are lucky. They cut your hands off in some countries for stealing.
06 Fishing
06 Fishing 3 hours ago
my duty is to tell this dude and anybody who is like him to shut the hell up
HKMC Ziang
HKMC Ziang 3 hours ago
This is in Vietnam.
Katherine Alvarez
Katherine Alvarez 3 hours ago
Los padres de este bebé o esa persona que está grabando es un irresponsable como es que deja que el bebé juegue en ese balcón expone la vida del bebé y la del gatico que esta mas pendiente y preocupado que lindo
Soul The Soulless fox
Soul The Soulless fox 3 hours ago
This is why I like cups
masoud kh
masoud kh 3 hours ago
The owner should have emptied the pool becuase there is no use for it in winter. unless if they do Ice fishing in their pool.
Harpoon2theRescue 3 hours ago
Sylvester has had enough of that shit.
Mr Shelton
Mr Shelton 3 hours ago
Deer was like thanks .. wrong side though
Logan Carlsbad
Logan Carlsbad 3 hours ago
that white box could be medicine, fuckin scumbags
Miguel Parada
Miguel Parada 3 hours ago
That scream was kind of funny lol 😂
Sumit Das
Sumit Das 3 hours ago
expression of the little one is more interesting
Matthew Martins
Matthew Martins 3 hours ago
Kaitlyn Cormier
Kaitlyn Cormier 3 hours ago
Hey that's my kid 🤭❤
Joe Nathan White
Joe Nathan White 3 hours ago
Just saying: The people who came and left again without helping... One day the moment will come where you will need help and others will pass by not caring.
Jude Grayson Breeding
Jude Grayson Breeding 3 hours ago
Humans will do anything to protect there dogs
Christopher Berg
Christopher Berg 3 hours ago
youtube keeps deleting my comment with the r-word. doesnt change the fact they exist. this video is proof. lol
Mitch Hughes
Mitch Hughes 3 hours ago
She feeds them all through the winter. What is wrong with you ignorant people. Clearly she has a good relationship with them. It wasn’t a one off. They come that close to her every day.
Gabriela Quinonez
Gabriela Quinonez 3 hours ago
That's awesome she got caught
JPG23 3 hours ago
Bye bye car hauling career
Bong Lover on Canabis-DUDE666
Bong Lover on Canabis-DUDE666 3 hours ago
heel yeh,thiefes deserve this,thanks for camera
Alan Scott
Alan Scott 3 hours ago
Where's the cops when you need em?😲👍☮️🇺🇸
Bong Lover on Canabis-DUDE666
Bong Lover on Canabis-DUDE666 3 hours ago
lol,wtf,this is funy haha
Carli Muzquiz
Carli Muzquiz 3 hours ago
That's so hilarious 😂 o I love how it runs off and they leave it's funny
Daniel Alviar
Daniel Alviar 3 hours ago
Damn I'm not even there and It got my heart racing I guess that's one of the sounds of death
Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray 3 hours ago
Not funny at all.
RoseStar 4 hours ago
The dad be like ✨favortism✨
Se7eN Cureton Reviews
Se7eN Cureton Reviews 4 hours ago
Lol awesome
WhoDat Matt 44
WhoDat Matt 44 4 hours ago
Folks like this are pieces of trash. Stealing packages while riding around in a Caddy. Glad she got busted.
AGENT SMITH 4 hours ago
Chad Kunka
Chad Kunka 4 hours ago
Kayak goes in the water....... You go in the kayak........ 😂😂😂😂👍
VICKAH 4 hours ago
Poor old lady don't be like that
TinyNuggz 4 hours ago
DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT THIS KIDS OPINION? Yet forces his own opinion in others
TinyNuggz 4 hours ago
Chris Palmer
Chris Palmer 4 hours ago
That was awesome. Got what they deserve.
TinyNuggz 4 hours ago
Can you please leave people alone you incoherent imbecile
TinyNuggz 4 hours ago
I like how he is comparing a fish with a pea sized brain to a human child and a dog
Tea Tea
Tea Tea 4 hours ago
damn nature you scary
Lost Amount
Lost Amount 4 hours ago
This is your daily dose of internet
KipsterMick 4 hours ago
Aww, her knight in shining armor. I'm sure a lot of great choices led them to each other and their relationship is really gonna last.
Marquette Smith
Marquette Smith 4 hours ago
Mine stay outside as well. So the kids when for a walk with her.
manuel gispert
manuel gispert 4 hours ago
Nadie pudo lanzar un ancla al bote incendiado antes de llegar a los otros .
Johnny Bigg
Johnny Bigg 4 hours ago
Impersonating a police officer is against the law. This so called police offer never provided identification upon request. If this fella stands his ground all the way through this cop will lose his job and rightfully so.
Doge 5600
Doge 5600 4 hours ago
Scrub the algae off him!
Bolt 4 hours ago
*sues homeowner for tripping hazard in front yard
23RedTechno 4 hours ago
Skip's Wife : No Skip ! he's not the guy !!! it's not him at all ! Skip: That's my wife bucko !!! 👊🏻👊🏻
Megorftbo _
Megorftbo _ 4 hours ago
People glorify one person winning a fight. No one points out how stupid fighting is in general. What a cave minded world.
catsinhouse 4 hours ago
I know that neighborhood. The good news is that the hospital is just down the road. The other good news is that they got caught.
Vegan Promos And Goods
Vegan Promos And Goods 4 hours ago
"I didn't do anything. I was just checking your address." Wow so you check addresses by stealing mail, so immature, this is sad!! I'd like to hear the answer to "Why were you checking my address?" lol
Oh yeah Burgers for the boys
Oh yeah Burgers for the boys 4 hours ago
Eyes on the road
Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk 4 hours ago
Exactly why I will never set foot on a cruise ship
Vegan Promos And Goods
Vegan Promos And Goods 4 hours ago
DO NOT EVER APPREHEND SOMEONE YOURSELF, THEN YOU BECOME A CRIMINAL AND YOU DON'T KNOW IF THE PSYCHO HAS A WEAPON. OBVIOUSLY YOU CAN'T TRUST THE PERSON. SHE SHOULD OF JUST GOT THE LICENSE PLATE, TAPED THE VEHICLE IF TIMELY POSSIBLE, CALLED THE COPS ASAP, AND PROTECTED HER DOGS FROM RUNNING INTO THE STREET. Unfortunately she became a criminal by holding the person there. You don't ever let criminals hurt you further, just report them. Let the lowlives stay on there own level alone, the law always catches them. There's cameras everywhere.
Se7eN Cureton Reviews
Se7eN Cureton Reviews 4 hours ago
Hella sweet
Whacky Wakey
Whacky Wakey 4 hours ago
the cat is bring life prey for its homie.. likely it would have survived
Don Deloli
Don Deloli 4 hours ago
Ok fellow ants its time to draw to see who is in the middle
Lieart 5 hours ago
Never admit anything 😂 deny till the very end
Jorge B.
Jorge B. 5 hours ago
Imagine being so trash at life lmao.
Noel 5 hours ago
I cant believe the people filming this , did not do something , they are as bad as the fools in the dingy.
Ibis Ribault
Ibis Ribault 5 hours ago
Mon dieu fuyez en voyant ces chiens je ne comprends pas pourquoi dites vous merci alors que ces chiens sont élevés en cage sans eau sans nourriture attachée avec une chai e d un mètre ils so t maltraités pour moi ce sont des chiens dangereux et dans cette vidéo on n à l impression Qu ils veulent en faire des monstres en les traitant comme çà scandaleux ne dites pas merci vous êtes malade? 😵😵🗼🗼🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷